Meet Steve

One of Only 15% of Speakers World Wide with the CSP

I have the honour and distinction of holding the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation conferred by the National Speakers Association in the United States.  This is the professional speaking world’s highest designation held by only 15% of the world’s top professional speakers.

The CSP is awarded to those who have demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and skill as a professional speaker.

2018 President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

I have recently been elected at the 2017 National President-Elect of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).  As a national director I interface with professional speakers across the country of all levels of expertise and success.  In my role I have my finger on what’s happening in the professional speaking world.

Sits on the Board of Directors of the Global Speakers Federation

As a member of CAPS I am by extension, a member of the Global Speaker Federation (GSF).  I have an active role on the Board of Directors which keeps me in touch with top professional speakers and speaking opportunities around the globe.

For most of my life, public speaking has been part of my life. I am passionate about bringing professional public speaking to your life and profession too.

Bringing you increased sales, standing ovations, and successful events

How do I do all that?

By making you the best professional speaker you can be and by giving your audience an interactive, entertaining experience from the stage. My name is Steve Lowell. Since I was six years old, I’ve been on stage moving audiences, making sales, and inspiring people.

Building better professional speakers through mentorship

I mentor coaches, authors, and professional speakers to master the stage. I train aspiring speakers and presenters to move audiences in situations from the boardroom to the convention hall. If you have something to sell – a product, service, or point of view – then I can help you win the hearts and minds (and wallets!) of your target audience.

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Winning audiences (and getting results) through interactivity

As a professional speaker and presenter, my strength is using interactivity to mesmerize audiences and to help others to create the kind of public speaking experiences that give them standing ovations.

Stand up, stand out, and get results—I can teach you the skills you need to do all that and more. By bringing volunteers on stage, I give real time coaching that produces instant excitement.

Bringing expertise to your stage

Based on decades of experience with public speaking and training, I have written From Stage Fright to Spotlight, a valuable book that tells authors, speakers, executives, and entrepreneurs how to be the best public speakers they can be.

I founded and operated Your Stage, a monthly public speaking and business networking event in Ottawa, Ontario for over 5 years.