Hire Steve to Speak At Your Next Event

Steve’s Outcome Promise

After experiencing Steve at your next event, your audience will know how to:

  • Be more powerful and influential presenters and speakers so that they represent your business in the best possible light when they speak or present at meetings, the AGM or a conference.
  • Position themselves and your business as the only logical solution when they speak or present to prospective clients.
  • Significantly improve their communication skills by understanding body language, story-telling, message construction and critical delivery techniques…on the stage and off!
  • Stand out and get noticed by speaking and presenting with influence, power and inspiration
  • Put away the PowerPoint slides and reach your clients, prospects and staff at the visceral level using only their message, personality and new-found speaking skills…all without using a single slide!

Steve’s Delivery Promise

During Steve’s program at your next event, your audience will be:

  • More engaged than they are used to because Steve will get them involved.  All of his programs are highly interactive.  He actually invites volunteers to take the stage with him and go through some laser-coaching to help them improve their message and delivery right there on the spot.
  • Highly entertained as Steve shares stories, examples and demonstrations that will make them think, make them laugh and most importantly, make them change their perceptions of business and of life.
  • Be educated with new and innovative ways to express their thoughts, ideas and even data when they speak or present.
  • Inspired by how they will think of new creative ways to apply their new knowledge and skills to their own role, their own business and their now life.
  • Asking you for more programs just like Steve’s because they will learn so much, be so influenced and inspired that they will want to experience it again and again!

If you want to improve your effectiveness as a speaker or leader, Email Steve NOW! (Warning: Contact Steve only if you want to get better…quicker!)

Tom Stoyan, Canada’s Sales Coach and Hall of Fame Speaker, Toronto, Ontario

Not only did he end the conference on a high note, but he also got the audience motivated, laughing and engaged and left them wanting more.

Brian Matthey, Founder, The Mortgage Professionals, Kingston, Ontario

Hire Steve as Your Keynote Speaker

  • You have a team of sales professionals, executives or account managers who need to present in mission-critical situations.
  • You’re searching for the perfect opening or closing educational or motivational speaker for your corporate meeting or association conference.
  • You plan every detail. You put in all the hard work behind the scenes. Now how about getting the applause you deserve for a job well done in staging a successful event?

Enter Steve Lowell, international speaker. Part of Steve’s job as a speaker at your event is to make you look good.

With over 47 years of experience as a speaker, entertainer, and trainer (yes…he has been on the live stage since the age of 6!), Steve applies his trademark interactive approach to influential speaking, high-impact presenting and inspirational messages. With each of his keynote presentations, he engages audiences, taking them on an educational, humorous, and emotional journey.

All of Steve’s keynote presentations burst with interactive energy. By bringing volunteers on stage, he demonstrates right then and there the best principles of public speaking skills, business and sales presentations skills and networking strategies. The results are instant: Participants see how the theory results in success.

Keynote and Breakout Topics

As a breakout speaker or main-stage keynote speaker, Steve will help your audience understand the power of effective speaking, presenting and communication whether it’s in the boardroom, at the AGM, at a client presentation or the annual conference.

Here’s the bottom line… don’t let anyone in your company or association represent you from the live stage until they develop these skills first!  Your reputation depends on it!

These are all just sample topics.  Steve has hundreds of hours of content which can be customized for any business or association audience and any event.

Slide-Free Speaking

How to present with influence, power and persuasion, all without the use of a single slide!

Audience: Great for sales professionals who need to influence the buyers, executives who need to inspire the troops and thought-leaders who need sell the vision.

Stand Up, Stand Out and Get Noticed

How to stand out by positioning yourself as the known expert in your field.

Audience: This is a must-have event for anyone in high-competition fields such as financial planners, mortgage professionals, network marketers, coaches and trainers.

High-Impact Speaking

Bring any message to life using the power of story.

Audience: This one of for anyone who needs to stand in front of a room and speak: speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, clergy… anyone who has a message to share in front of any audience.

The Inspirational Experience:  Moving Audiences to Act


As a motivational speaker, Steve engages audience members with real-life stories of inspiration, all supported by scientifically-validated principles of personal development.  No theory or fluff here!  Everything Steve teaches comes from first-hand experience backed by science and proven techniques—all delivered interactively in a memorable presentation that people continue talking about.

We would love to discuss how Steve can customize a high energy program that will turn your meeting into a sensational learning event!

“Steve will add both humor and insight to your event!”
– Rima Aristocrat, director/CEO, Willis College of Business Health and Technology, Ottawa, Ontario