Here are just a few of Steve’s mentor clients talking about the amazing results they have achieved from working with Steve…

In only ONE speaking engagement, Kristen White received back-to-back standing ovations, generated over $150,000 in sales and got booked in three other countries.

Kathy Smart rocked the stage so well that not only did she get her very first standing ovation, but the very next week she was on the Dr. Oz show!

Two days after working with Steve I spoke to a small group of about 70 people. Using just one of the techniques that Steve taught me I sold #21,000 right from the stage in 20 minutes.

 Peggy McColl, New York Time Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Ottawa, Canada

Immediately after her keynote to 2,000 people, Karen Martin booked her next speaking engagement at DOUBLE her speaking fee!

Gregory Anne Cox spoke for less than ten-minutes and earned FOUR TIMES what she invested in training with Steve.

The bureaus wouldn't book me, until I worked with Steve. I received a screaming standing ovation in my first North American keynote.

Sally Anderson, Sustainable Transformation Expert, Aukland, New Zealand

Matthew Britt took the skills he learned from Steve and turned them into OVER a quarter of a million dollars!

After working with Steve, author and speaker Sandra Tissiot sold more books from the stage in one speaking engagement than they had all year long.  Books were “flying from the back table”.

Cheryl Heppard hired Steve to help her sell from the stage.  In her first event after working with Steve she sold well into the six figures right from the stage.

Professional Speaker Cam Calkoen from New Zealand gets more standing ovations and more speaking engagements after woking with Steve.

My first keynote after working with Steve I sold well into 5 figures from the stage. Now I always consult with Steve before a major speaking engagement.

Lisa Larter, Social Media Strategist, Professional Speaker, Ottawa, Canada

I attended one of Steve's workshops and in my next speaking engagement I did $7500 in sales in about 30 minutes on stage.

Majeed Mogharreban, International Speaker & Trainer, Ottawa, Canada

Business Coach, Diana Lidstone sold THREE TIMES her goal in her first event after woking with Steve

Majeed Mogharreban was voted the top trainer in the world out of over 700 trainers.  After taking just one workshop with Steve he sold $7,500 in about 20 minutes in his next speaking opportunity.

Career Coach, Wayne Pagani found that he got far more than he bargained for when he worked with Steve

After attending her first workshop with Steve, Professional Speaker Sylvia Plester-Silk  landed a 5-figure consulting contract because of her new presentation skills.  She has since taken several of Steve’s workshops.

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