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Executive Influence Through High-Stakes Presentation Techniques

High-stakes presentations require more than just basic public speaking skills and great looking slides. They require professional-level delivery techniques and the mindset and confidence to deliver at the highest level in any business setting.

In this 2-part program you’ll discover how to connect, engage, influence and persuade any audience, all without the use of a single slide. You’ll discover mindset and belief patterns that may be limiting your power when you speak or present.  You’ll also be given the tools you need to reverse those limiting and costly mindset patterns and you’ll have the opportunity to be personally coached to refine your delivery.

Level one is a two-day intensive training program containing advanced professional speaking techniques and mindset strategies which have been proven around the world.

Level two is a two-day intensive coaching program were you will present at least twice while being personally coached in order to apply the techniques learned in part one and master your delivery skills.

This program focusses on YOU; the presenter…not your slides.

More Details:
Tuition: $12,500

Steve’s VIP 1-on-1 Private Mentorship Program

2 to 4 half-day immersion sessions or an extended program of weekly meetings over a number of months. You’ll find your signature story, your expert message and craft your signature keynote address or business/sales presentation.  We’ll use a specific process to develop a high-impact signature keynote presentation that you be able to scale up or down for any time slot and customize for any audience.

In this program I act as a trusted adviser and coach; you do the work. I will guide you, make suggestions and help you formulate your content so that it flows as a professional keynote address should flow.

A personal interview is required to join this program.

Tuition: $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the support duration

I doubled my speaking fees in just one speaking engagement after working with Steve. That's how effective he is!

Karen Martin, Award-winning author, San Diego, California

The bureaus wouldn't book me, until I worked with Steve. I received a screaming standing ovation in my first North American keynote.

Sally Anderson, Sustainable Transformation Expert, Auckland, New Zealand

High-Impact Platform Skills Intensive 

(Closed corporate classes available)

2-day intimate immersion into professional-level platform skills and techniques. Maximum 12 people ensures lots of stage time and individual coaching and attention.

The first day of this event is all about learning the platform skills of a true professional speaker.  You will be on the stage at least 4 times on the first day for specific purposes to develop your skill and understanding of platform technique including:

  • Authentic self expression vs performance – How to tell the difference and when to use both.
  • Controlled vs meaningless stylization – when and how to use theatre in a controlled fashion so that it adds to your impact instead of detracting from your credibility.
  • Body language – how to move your body so that your message comes from your entire self expression, not just from your words.
  • Vocal control and delivery – control and manage how you speak so that you are not only heard, but fully understood.
  • Audience engagement – how to keep them involved and still maintain control
  • Use of the platform – know who to leverage the space on the platform to your advantage so your message hits home in a huge way

On the second day you will take the stage at least twice with a presentation that you develop so you can apply the skills and techniques directly to your content.

All of this is done without the use of a single PowerPoint slide.  You will learn how to deliver a highly inspirational message without the use of a single visual.

Tuition: $5000

High-Impact Platform Skills Advanced (By Invitation Only)

2-day follow-up to the “High-Impact Platform Skills Intensive “ above, this takes your platform and delivery skills to an entirely new level.

Because the principles I offer are highly unique and not found anywhere else in any other training program I have seen, this program is reserved for graduates of the first-level program.

In this program we quickly review the principles from the first program, take them to a much deeper level and add new, more advanced techniques into the mix.

Tuition: $5000

My sales from the stage were dismal. After working with Steve I got back to back standing ovations, did $130,000 in sales from the stage and got booked in three other countries.

Kristen White, Award-winning Broadcaster, St. Louis, Missouri

High-Impact Speaking Showcase

6 Live virtual training modulesthree 30-minute private tune-up calls2-day Intensive live event including a speaking engagement in front of a live audience of about 100 people.

This event is fast becoming our most popular event for aspiring and professional speakers alike.  This is a beautiful way to showcase a sample of a new keynote in front of a live and supportive audience and receive high-value laser coaching at the same time.

For this event you will come prepared with a ten-minute presentation that you will practice and refine on the first day of the event and then deliver on the second day of the event.

The showcase event is extremely high-energy.  You will speak for ten minuets and then you and I will do a short debrief on the stage and possibly some live coaching which makes the event an entertaining, inspiring and educational event for the entire audience.

Live Event Website:
Tuition: $3,000

Two days after working with Steve I spoke to a group of 70 people. Using just one thing that Steve taught me I sold $21,000 right from the stage in only 20 minutes.

Peggy McColl, New York Time Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Ottawa, Canada

Financial Assistance May be Available for Ontario Clients

The Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant (COJG) may pay up to 70% of your training costs (to a total of $10,000 per trainee).

If your organization conforms to the employer eligibility section of the COJG and you or your staff comply with the following conditions, your training costs for this program will likely be covered up to 70% by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant:

Who qualifies for the grant?

All people who are: residents of Ontario and either a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person, and meet the eligibility requirements below, are eligible to participate in training funded through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Employed individuals must be identified by their employer.
  • Unemployed individuals must also be sponsored by an employer, demonstrated through a permanent or conditional offer of employment.
  • An individual must not be participating in full-time training or education or any other government training intervention that offers funding support for same tuition, books or other training related costs (e.g., Second Career).

Download the application here

For more information about the grant contact