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Craft Your Signature Talk, Scale Your Influence, And Create More Business Through Speaking

Your work deserves to be known and appreciated and you deserve to be well paid for it. The stage (either live or virtual) is THE platform to reliably scale your impact AND your revenue.

When you’re ready, Steve will help you:


Craft a transformational high-impact signature message that makes you stand out


Gain the skills you need to rock the stage – live or virtual – no matter the size of audience


Eliminate the competition, stand out from the crowd, and become the only logical choice in your field

Step onto more and bigger stages, and make more money

“If you’re thinking of working with Steve, run don’t walk…it will be an amazing experience I promise you!”

Jack Canfield
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Steve Lowell is one of the best trainers and teachers in the world today”

Brian Tracy
Legendary Business Speaker and Guru

“If you’re looking to create even greater success in your life, look no further than Steve Lowell”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author

“I’m so impressed with the work Steve Lowell is doing all over the world”

Kevin Harrington
Original shark on “Shark Tank”, creator of “As Seen on TV”

Meet Steve & Jayne

Steve Lowell is a multi-award-winning speaker, 3x #1 best-selling author,

And master-trainer for high-impact speakers with a track record that speaks for itself.

Having given over 3500 keynote speeches, 5000 seminars, and trained more than 500K speakers globally, Steve delivers innovative strategies that help speakers drive revenue from the stage and build wealth through speaking.

Jayne Lowell, 7-figure mindset mentor, is the “better-half” of the Steve + Jayne Team.

Her extensive international business and sales experience includes over 25 years of running her business selling to major accounts across North America. Jayne’s business acumen supports and expands on Steve’s content training, creating a seamless experience for their clients that adds depth to their training and memberships.

Together, Steve and Jayne travel the world training sales teams, thought leaders and experts from every industry to help them sell more.

When they aren’t working…

You can find Steve and Jayne on their boat cruising the historic Rideau River enjoying wildlife and epic sunsets. You may also find Bubbie (that’s Jayne) teaching their grandkids about life while Grandpa (that’s Steve) makes his world famous pancakes.

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"The easiest way just to get the audience to feel like they're part of the discussion is just to randomly look at them and speak to them when you do, don't just bypass them. Don't just scroll. Speak to them." 

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"You can engage an audience simply with your eyeballs. You can engage an audience simply by making the audience feel that you are looking straight at them." 

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"Everyone experiences imposter syndrome. The best way to deal with imposter sydrome is to first realize that it's happening and secondly, brush it off" 

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"You're going to forget your words, make mistakes on stage, say stupid things, and embarrass yourself. That's part of the game. But once you learn how to deal with those little mishaps, your confidence starts to grow, and you learn to be okay." 

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"Jayne is the one who brought my business into the seven figure mark. A lot of people ask me, how to talk to Jayne because they know that she's my secret weapon" 

Learn from a proven success story and connect with Jayne to unlock the strategies that took this business to the seven-figure mark:

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