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The 60-Second Miracle Positioning Script


This 60 Second Miracle Positioning Script has helped us make over 3.3 Million dollars in sales. This training program is designed to guide you through the positioning script and provide the precise detail your prospect needs to direct them to buy.

The 1-Minute Story Template


We generated 85,242 in revenue by lunchtime because of this One-minute Story Template! This video training program is designed to guide you through the template to help you find and craft a transformational story and be able to deliver it in less than one minute.

The Sales Conversation Flow


Discover a simple, easy to use and time-tested template for closing 80% of qualified prospects, all without a single moment of pressure. This is the exact sales conversation process we use to close 85% of qualified prospects.

Signature Talk Mastery Course

Signature Talk Mastery


Signature Talk Mastery is our Premium course for speakers. This intensive online training will show the steps to craft a signature talk that converts into revenue with our globally proven, step-by-step formula to become a high-impact speaker on stage AND screen.

The High Impact Keynote Template


The High-Impact Keynote Template…simpler & more POWERFUL! Completely updated for Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Speakers. I have taught this all over the world. It will allow you to craft the outline of your signature talk so you never have to memorize a talk again and bring your audience on a specifically designed journey towards a buying decision without any high-pressure sales tactics at all.

Crafting Your Expert Insights


Contains two Online Courses: Your Repumeter and Crafting Your Expert Insights.

This program will get you started with your own “Expert Insights” system using the “Deep Thought Strategy” method. Implement the principles in this program and you’ll begin the process of standing out from your competition. This one program could be the most important program you do this year.

Steve’s #1 Best Selling Books

Deep Thought Strategy

How to go from OBSCURITY to Success, Influence, Impact and Wealth

From Stage Fright to Spotlight

99 Speakers’ Secrets to Breaking the Rules and Mastering the Stage


Be The Unmistakable Authority In Your Field